Monday, December 9, 2013

Paper Rehabilitation Project | Series 2

Paper Rehabilitation Project
Series 2
Detroit, USA: I.T.U., 2013
19 x 9.5 cm
Edition size unknown

The Paper Rehabilitation Project is a collaboration between the I.T.U. (Daniel Aubert and Lana Cavar) and Maia Asshaq, Harry Burstyn and Pete Janutulan, that attempts to collect, archive and make use of scrap paper. Their projects consist of locating warehouses stocking excess, rejected or damaged paper, purchasing it at a deep discount, and repurposing it.

Series 1 and 3 are blank books and Series 2 is the above Security-Pattern Letter Sets. The window envelopes were purchased from a paper distributor in Detroit who had acquired them from a manufacturer no longer in business. Using other reclaimed paper the group designed letter paper to match the original envelope.

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