Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Recommendations Guest Post #11: Derek McCormack

There are some marvelous Jim Hodges multiples out there -- a delicate-looking print at Artspace, a text-embellished blanket at Artware-- but the one I love best is Someday This Will Be Funny, a collaboration with Lynne Tillman, which was published by Red Lemonade. It's a plexiglass case filled with twenty-one different books, each book a story by Tillman. The books come in different colours, and can be arranged and rearranged to create gorgeous grids, two books by two books at a time. It's beautiful to behold -- Hodges is a dab hand at beauty. It's also beautiful to read – Tillman is a brilliant writer, the best of the best.

Available for $250.00, here.

- Derek McCormack

Derek McCormack's most recent novel is The Show That Smells (Akashic/Little House on the Bowery). He lives in Toronto and at

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