Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Willem deRidder + Crawl Unit | Voice & Sound

Willem deRidder + Crawl Unit
Voice & Sound
Sacramento, USA:  Povertech Industries, 1995
7" vinyl single, 12:32
Edition of 300

Povertech Industries is a record label ran by Joe Colley, who produces industrial sound works under the name Crawl Unit. Other acts on the label include Michael Prime, Hafler Trio, and Francisco Lopez.

For this 33rpm 7" single, Crawl Unit provides a low rumbling background for artist Willem de Ridder, whose spoken word vocal track was recorded in Bussum, Netherlands. Side A features a track called "Transmissio" (6:26), which is backed with "In The South" (6:06). 

Both sides of the  can be heard, here: 

De Ridder died last month at the age of 83. 

Monday, January 30, 2023


I'm not sure if it was at the behest of Jonathan Monk, or because I've posted a few of their items before, (or because of my own interest in the Sunset Strip) but today in the mail I received Monk's latest take on Ed Ruscha's classic artist book, along with some other great publications and ephemera from publisher ll' Editions. 

When you have to walk ten minutes in the snow to the post office, it's nice to have more than credit card statements waiting for you. 

ll’Editions is a publishing imprint in Göteborg, Sweden, founded in 2014 by Andreas Friberg Lundgren and Carl-Johan Lindqvist, as an offshoot of their design studio Lundgren+Lindqvist. They publish beautifully designed artists' books, editions, and multiples. 

Most impressively, they have selected artists to work with who have a strong interest in publications, rather than just artists whose work they admire:

Maurizio Nannucci, for example, has an over fifty year history of producing great editions, not only his own work but excellent works by other artists, through his imprint Zona. He also has a world-class archive of artists' publications. 

Micah Lexier (the second in ll’Editions' flagship Leporello series) is so dedicated to published works that he typically repurposes budgets for exhibition catalogues so that he can produce an Artist Book instead. When NSCAD Press produced a major retrospective monograph of his work, he eschewed the inclusion of large public installations (of which he has produced many) to instead focuse on small editioned work, mostly ephemeral. Like Jonathan Monk, it's rare that a few months pass without something new in the mail from Micah. 

Fiona Banner's dedication to publications is such that she uses the term Vanity Press as both the name of her personal imprint, but also as a pseudonym or "AKA". 

ll’Editions' publications are available at Bricks, Yvon Lambert, Drawn Down Books, Counterprint, König, Printed Matter and many other art book stores, as well as directly from their own site, here. Their website also offers rare titles by artists such as Marcel Dzama, Richard Prince, Richard Hamilton, James Welling, Juergen Teller and others. 

The site also features a well curated section of artists' films and video works, as well as documentaries, public presentations, studio visits, etc. I just rewatched an old favorite by John Smith - The Girl Chewing Gum. 

The works pictured above will be given individual posts in the near future. 

Visit ll’Editions here: 

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Cary Leibowitz | [untitled air freshener]

Cary Leibowitz
[untitled air freshener]
New York City, USA: Self-published, 2013
14 x 8.2 cm.
Edition size unknown

A shared friend moved from Toronto to NYC to intern with Cary Leibowitz at Philips auction house in 2013. Never one to miss an opportunity to commemorate an event with a multiple, Leibowitz had car air fresheners made for Mark Ferkul's final day of work send-off party. 

The front reads "a saint walks into an auction house" with Ferkul's name on the verso. 

Friday, January 27, 2023

David Shrigley | Sausage

David Shrigley
Copenhagen, Denmark: Shrig Shop, 2023
2.5 x 6 cm.
Edition size unknown

An embroidered fabric iron-on patch in the shape of a sausage with the word Sausage, to be worn on your "80s denim jacket, tote bag or wedding dress."

Available from the store, here, for €6.00.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Barbara Kruger turns 78 today. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Jerry Ropson | This Is A Record of Two Times in A Row

Jerry Ropson
This Is A Record of Two Times in A Row
Cornerbrook, Canada: Self-published, 2012
9.2 x 5.6 cm.
Edition size unknown
From a series of miniature cardboard LPs, each unique. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Maurizio Nannucci | Leporello N° 06

Maurizio Nannucci
Leporello N° 06 
Gothenburg, Sweden: LL'Editions, 2022
10 pp., 14 x 8 x 19.1 cm., accordion fold
Edition of 250

For The Leporello Series, ll’Editions invites artists to contribute a work in the accordion fold format, otherwise giving them carte blanche. Other artists in the series include Heimo Zobernig, Micah Lexier, Fiona Banner, Ryan Gander, Shannon Ebner, Karl Holmqvist and Jonathan Monk.

Primary Information Sale

The Primary Information annual winter sale is on now, with 50% off of all titles (excluding limited editions). The sale ends on January 26 at 10:00 am (EST). ⁠

Monday, January 23, 2023

Luke Parnell | Gargoyle Pass

Luke Parnell
Gargoyle Pass
Toronto, Canada: MKG127, 2022
24 pp., 7.5 x 10", staple-bound
Edition of 100

Published to coincide with Parnell's MKG127 exhibition Art I made while not making the Art I Intended to make, the gallery published a new risograph comic by the artist. The first twenty copies are signed and feature an original drawing on the back cover. 

Gargoyle Pass is available from the gallery store, here, for $20. 

Erik Kessels, Sergio Smerieri | In Almost Every Picture 17 - Carlo And Luciana

Erik Kessels, Sergio Smerieri
In Almost Every Picture 17 - Carlo And Luciana
Amsterdam, The Netherlands: KesselsKramer, 2021
104 pp., 16 x 20 cm., softcover
Special edition size of 100 signed and numbered copies

The founding partner and creative director of ad agency KesselsKramer has been scouring flea markets for photographs for years now, amassing an unrivalled collection of amateur photography which -  as a collection - contains a sequenced narrative. He has released 18 volumes to date of the In Almost Every Picture series. 

The 17th features Carlo and Luciana a couple who document their travels with pictures of each other in the same spot, but never together. The book opens with some black & white snapshots of the pair in their twenties or thirties, on a road trip. These are followed by some blank pages to indicate the passing of time. Following this, the images are in colour, of the now much older couple. But again, they do not appear together. One poses (on a beach, in front of a castle, by a hotel pool, in front of some ancient ruins, eating a meal) and then the other poses the same way for the second shot. 

The only picture of the pair together is available in the limited edition of the book, as a tipped-in vinyl record postcard. The b&w picture of Carlo with his arm around Luciana accompanies an audio track of Carlo being interviewed about his travels with her. 

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Shary Boyle | 15 Things to Do with a Sculpture

Shary Boyle
15 Things to Do with a Sculpture
Zürich, Switzerland: Nieves, 2022
16 pp., 14 x 20 cm., staple-bound
First Edition of 100 copies

Fifteen uses for a small sculpture, including gifting it, trashing it, selling it, worshipping it, masturbating with it and bludgeoning someone to death with it. This b/w 'zine recalls some of Boyle's earliest self-published bookworks, like Witness My Shame. 

Released last year, the title has sold out and is currently unavailable.