Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Recommendation Guest Post #8: Leah Singer

Bruno Munari
Drawing a tree 
Mantua, Italy: Edizioni Corrani, 2011
88 pp., 14.5 x 21 cm., softcover
Edition size unknown

Available here, for €11.00.

I have always loved Bruno Munari’s artist books.  I admire how he considered this part of his practice as important as all the other work he did in architecture, design, art and education. Drawing a tree is one of my favorites because it has such depth yet remains so simple and direct. As children a tree is often one of the first things we draw. We tend to gravitate to them because they are so human like, with branches serving as arms and trunks as bodies. Munari recognized how perfect and universal the tree is as a subject to engage people in art making. For all his intended playfulness in the book you still learn about math and science and architecture. But the best takeaway is that Munari implores us to draw not just the way he suggests but in any way you want to and without any constraints.

- Leah Singer

Leah Singer is an artist who lives and works in New York City. Her muliti-disciplinary work includes film/video, printmaking, photography, and design. A solo show of prints and sculpture will open at Showroom in Brooklyn in Janurary.

View her work at

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