Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hannah Jickling/Helen Reed | Sour Vs Sour Chocolate Bar

Hannah Jickling/Helen Reed
Sour Vs Sour Chocolate Bar
Vancouver, Canada: Big Rock Candy Moutain, 2016
16.5 x 6 x 1 cm.
Edition size unknown

Created in collaboration with Mrs. Wongs’s Division Six students of Queen Alexandra Elementary School (Anna, Cami, Celest, Charlotte, Coebe, Daniella, Danielle, Derrick, Edwin, Emi, Justice, Kim, Linden, Nicholas, Nico, Ruby and Tessa), the Sour Vs Sour Chocolate Bar is an edible artwork, depending on your tastes.

The confectionary mixes bitter fair trade dark chocolate with "cheap candy from the gas station nearby". It was the result of a three-month residency with the third and fourth-grade class, who "taste-tested a range of flavours and developed a miscellaneous vocabulary to describe them: sounds, shapes, words, elaborate fonts, synesthetic line drawings and emojis."

The students visited East Van Roasters, a non-profit specialty cafe and social enterprise of the PHS Community Services Society.  The cafe is designed to provide pre-employment training and work opportunities for the residents of the Rainier Hotel, an addiction treatment centre for marginalized women in Vancouver's downtown East Side. Here the students learned about organic ‘bean to bar’ chocolate before creating their own concoction with the EVR.

Their bar is "a clash of the tastes we’ve learned to see in opposition: natural vs synthetic flavour, adult vs kid desires, good vs bad choices, healthy food vs economic means." It's available for $8.00 CDN, here.

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