Friday, October 13, 2017

Robert Grayson | See Dick, Run

Robert Grayson
See Dick, Run
New York City: Self-published, 1991
[71] pp., 2.5 x 8.5"
Edition size unknown

A phallus-shaped artists' book containing seventy sexual aphorisms, such as "The thing about being a virgin is that every little prick hurts" and "Life sucks, and it does not always cover its teeth."

"The king of aphorisms is back. Robert Grayson, who self-published two limited-edition books of aphorisms ("From Left to Right," which sold for $5,000 per copy and "I'm Fabulous, You're OK," priced at a mere $250) has just written "See Dick, Run." While the 33-year-old New York-based Grayson has lowered the price of his latest effort to a mere $19.95, he's pushed the edge of the envelope in another way: The book is shaped like a part of the male anatomy.

Sample aphorisms from the new book: "Lust is modern man's noblest emotion," "Love may find you, but you can lose it in a crowd," and "If you look for love in all the wrong places, you will lie about where you finally found it."

Says Grayson, who is scouring New York for a place that will shrink-wrap the sure-to-be-controversial work, "If the issue of the whole book is my sex life, then I think my dates should be tax-deductible.""
- Los Angeles Times, 1991

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