Monday, October 23, 2017

Martha Street Studio

Simon Hughes
John Graham's Mural 'Northern Lights' (1963, mosaic tile, aluminum and acrylic) at the Winnipeg International Airport (now destroyed)
Winnipeg, Canada: Martha Street Studio, 2017
20.5 x 57.75”
Edition of 15 signed copies

Erica Eyres
Lonely Girls 
Winnipeg, Canada: Martha Street Studio, 2008
Folio of 4 intaglio prints with handwork printed by Jeannette Johns
20.25 x15”
Edition of 10 signed copies
$1000 CDN

Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber
God’s Little Weirdo 
Winnipeg, Canada: Martha Street Studio, 2012
21 x 26” screenprints on Stonehenge paper, printed by Andrew Lodwick
Edition of 50 signed copies
$450 CDN

"Martha Street Studio, incorporated in 1988 as Manitoba Printmakers Association Inc, is a dynamic not-for-profit, artist-run centre located in the East Exchange District, that both preserves and advances the print arts. Our 4,000 square foot production space, sales area, and gallery occupy a fully–renovated and accessible heritage building. Through production, education, exhibitions and sales, we are a significant contributor to the progression of printmaking and to Winnipeg's cultural landscape. Martha Street Studio supports professional artists working within and on the periphery of traditional printmaking and cultivates new and emerging artists. Martha Street Studio also engages and connects communities through our programs and exhibitions and builds audiences and interest in printmaking."

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