Saturday, June 5, 2021

Sister Mary Corita Kent's studio

A few years back I posted about a set of rules that were attributed to John Cage that - while in the possible spirit of his work - didn't seem like his actual output (see post, here). They turned out to be by 
Sister Mary Corita Kent, a renegade Catholic nun, artist, print-maker, designer, educator and social justice activist. 

In a unanimous vote, the Los Angeles city council just granted landmark status to her former studio building, which had been slated for demolition in 2019, to provide additional parking spaces for a forthcoming organic health food store. In response to this plan, the Corita Art Center launched the “Save Corita's Studio” campaign last year, and submitted a rapid response application for landmark status to the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission.

Only three percent of historical cultural monuments in Los Angeles are associated with women's heritage. 

“The Los Angeles City Council giving landmark status to Corita’s studio is one critical step in redressing this disparity,” Nellie Scott, Director of the Corita Art Center said in a statement. “This work to uphold the legacies of women artists and cultural leaders is ongoing in Los Angeles and across the U.S. Corita reminds us that hope is not just optimism; hope is hard work. Hope means showing up every day for others. As we turn the corner from this pandemic, we will need spaces like the one at 5518 Franklin Avenue.”

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