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N. E. THING CO. | A Portfolio of Piles

A Portfolio of Piles
Vancouver, Canada, Fine Arts Gallery, University of British Columbia, 1968.
61 pp., 24.10 × 16.50 cm., loose leaves
Edition of 555

Published by the Fine Arts Galery at UBC (now the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery) on the occasion of the "Piles" exhibition, which opened February 6th, 1968. A red portfolio containing 59 offset printed photographs, a text by Kurt Von Meirer, a checklist and a map of Vancouver. Credited to NE Thing Co. (Ingrid and Iain Baxter), most of the photographs were taken by Iain Baxter, with a few by Fred Herzog.

"Piles are not pretentious--they are just there being beautiful and doing their thing. Why piles? The structure is usually determined either by the object alone or the object plus the piler's imagination or lack of it. Naive piles usually are the greatest. It's the molecular structure and physical characteristics that give pile materials their nuances of stackability.

The N.E. Thing Co. is interested in ACT or Aesthetically Claimed Things--a visual Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The Company has been ACTing for a number of years now and a publication will be coming soon regarding ACT."
- Iain Baxter, Co-President

Available as a PDF download from York University, here, (courtesy of

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