Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stanley Brouwn | Use This Brouwn

Stanley Brouwn
Use This Brouwn
Frankfurt, Germany: Typos Verlag, 1964
21 x 10.5 cm.
Edition size unknown

A paper bag, rubber stamped in purple ink with the instruction "Use this Brouwn".

Originally included in Wolf Vostell's Dé-coll/Age No.4. Other contributors included Ramon Barce, S. Bonk, George Brecht. Bazon Brock, Stanley Brouwn, HJ. Dietrich, Al Hansen, Mc Low, Dick Higgins, Allan Kaprow, J.J. Lebel, Claes Oldenburg, Robin Page, Nam June Paik, Tomas Schmit, Frank Trowbridge, Wolf Vostell, Jean Pierre Wilhelm, Peter Moore, Manfred Leve, Hartmut Rekort, Günter Kammerichs, Edwin Sabol, Manfred Montwe, Robert R. Mc Elroy, Ute Klopphaus, F. Massal, Edo Jansen, Henry Maitek, Hans de Boer, Vera Spoerri, Peter Kuhn, Günter Krings, Mercedes Guardado Olivenza, Dorine van der Klei, Wolf Vostell, etc.

Copies, particularly those which include the bag, are scarce.

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