Sunday, October 5, 2014

Roy Lichtenstein | Modern Head Brooch

Roy Lichtenstein
Modern Head Brooch
New York City, USA: Multiples, Inc., 1968
7.11 x 4.06 cm.
Edition size unknown

“Roy Lichtenstein... did two intricate designs for a very beautiful little cloisonné enamel pin. Determined to sell them for twenty-five dollars each, so that everyone could afford one, we were somewhat dismayed to see the result of our virtually non-profit effort being bought and resold in   Europe for ten times the price.... Many [other] artists... were also interested in exploring this direction and in trying to determine whether there indeed was a large popular audience for collecting art.
We discovered that collecting was, however, still an elitist pursuit. I believe that this was the experience of many publishers, and the expansive notion of large editions was finally put to rest so that as a result, in the early seventies, the publishing world focused on smaller, and perhaps more personalized editions.”

- Marian Goodman

Available on Ebay, here, as part of a "summer blowout" for $8950.00 US.

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