Friday, August 31, 2012

Tom Marioni | Beer, Art and Philosophy: A Memoir

Tom Marioni
Beer, Art and Philosophy: A Memoir
San Francisco, USA: Crown Point Press, 2003
223 pp., 8.5 x 6.5", softcover

From an amazon review by Marioni's son:

The Act of Drinking Beer with my Dad is the Highest Form of Art September 10, 2007
By Reno Marioni
As a young kid, I grew up in my dad's studio. I remember various refrigerators with the "FREE BEER" sign on them and his weekly wednesday gathering of friends drinking beer in his studio or at the old San Francisco Breen's Bar on his turf corner at 3rd and Mission. Years later, I would see his refrigerator and a wall of empty anchor steam beer bottles lined up at the SFMOMA and would bring a humorous smile to my face--thinking my dad is the only person I know who could transform beer drinking into art--beer art. Although I am biased, I love my dad's work. There is always a puzzle, a natural beauty and a bit of humor in every one of his works.

My father's book takes a look at the development and history of conceptual art in the 1960's until now through his eyes and his experiences. Many of his ideas and art were very advanced for his time and are very relevant today. If you want to get another perspective on conceptual art, read my dad's book....and have a nice cold beer ready.

disclaimer: my dad did not ask me to write this :-)

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