Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maurizio Nannucci | Freezer

Maurizio Nannucci
Toronto, Canada: Art Metropole, 2000
16 pp., 12.7 x 20 cm., paper, craft paper with silver ink
Edition of 1000, 25 signed by the artist

The artist (who lives in Italy) instructed Art Metropole staff to document a series of home refrigerators of their choice. The title is possibly considered as a companion to the artist's book Lives Here, published by Art Metropole in 1987, which consisted entirely of artists' homes and addresses. The fridges belong to Germaine Koh (artist) John Goodwin (publisher, gallerist and then-director of Art Metropole), Paul Couillard & Ed Johnson (performance artist and partner), Tom and Ann Dean (artist and former director of Art Metropole), Marina Polosa and Daniel Olson (artists), AA Bronson (artist and founder of AM), Joyce Mason (founder of C Magazine), Andy Patton & Janice Gurney (artists), Luis Jacob (artist and former staff member of AM), Jordan Sonenberg and Michelle Jacques (rooming at the time, AM staff member and AGO curator), Andrew Paterson (artist), Jinhan Ko and Jaxon McDade (artist Ko produced the 19th Little Cockroach press), Amy Wilson & Peter Bowyer (artists), Susan Hobbs (gallerist and then board member of AM), Katherine Mulhern (gallerist) and Peggy Gale & Michael Snow (curator/AM board member and artist). Most lived close to the gallery or were affiliated in some manner.

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