Thursday, September 24, 2015

Edmonton Nuit Blanche: Yoko Ono | Wish Trees

Fish Griwkowsky, filmmaker, photographer, curator and art critic for the Edmonton Journal, interviewed Yoko Ono about her upcoming project for Edmonton's Nuit Blanche, here:

In 2008, I curated Zone C for Toronto's Nuit Blanche, which included five Wish Trees by Yoko Ono (pictured below, with then-Mayor David Miller affixing his wish).

At the request of Nuit Blanche Edmonton, the project is being remounted, but this time as the largest installation of the Wish Tree piece, ever. There will be 121 trees installed in Winston Churchill Square (adjacent to City Hall).  Participants are invited to write a wish on tags that will be provided, and tie it to a branch of the Wish Trees. After the event, the wishes will be collected and sent to the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Iceland, and the trees will be planted in communities throughout Edmonton.

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