Friday, March 29, 2024

Kim Kardashian sued by Judd Foundation

Kim Kardashian is facing a lawsuit from the estate of Donald Judd, after falsely claiming in a video that knock-off furniture works were authentic pieces by the late minimalist. 

The video, from a year and a half ago, features Kardashian giving a tour of the Los Angeles office of her skincare brand, SKKN By Kim. It was viewed almost four million times before being removed. In it she gestures to the table(s!) and comments “These Donald Judd tables are really amazing and totally blend in with the seats." 

Judd’s daughter Rainer filed the lawsuit three days ago, naming Kardashian and the firm Clements Design, which fabricates and sells what the foundation called “inauthentic” Judd furniture. 

“Ms. Kardashian’s furniture is irrefutably fake,” Rainer Judd said in a statement. “The existence of inauthentic furniture undermines the integrity of [Donald Judd’s] original work which includes specifications of design, craftsmanship, and materials. If creators’ works can simply be usurped with no repercussions and exploited by other people, what will be the protection for artists and designers to further create in the future?” 

Rainer and her brother Flavin were the inspiration for the first furniture works designed by Judd, out of necessity. He designed them a daybed - two twin mattresses separated by a half-height wall in the middle for privacy - and then desk and chair. The chair, first designed in 1982, would become known as Chair 84. The table in question is named La Mansana Table. 

The design film argue that the “claims absolutely have no merit” and state that the foundation has demanded that the video be deleted, the furniture destroyed, and for Kardashian to issue a public apology. Negotiations reportedly broke down, leading to the filing of the lawsuit. 

Michael Rhodes, counsel for Kim Kardashian, stated "We deny that Ms. Kardashian has any liability in this matter, as we have previously explained to the Judd Foundation and its counsel.”

“This case is about protecting the intellectual property rights of Judd Foundation, including its trademarks and copyrights,” counters Judd Foundation lawyer Megan K. Bannigan. “The existence and promotion of fake Donald Judd furniture harms both consumers and Judd Foundation.”

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