Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Robert Gober | Heat

Robert Gober
New York City, USA: The Library Fellows of the Whitney Museum of American Art, 1989
33.7 x 23.5 cm. 
Edition of 140 [+10 AP] signed copies

A collaboration between Gober and author Joyce Carol Oates, Heat is a pair of white leather diaries housed in a purple linen covered box. The diaries feature genitalia endpapers and the text of a 3000-word story about the murder of two eleven-year-old identical twins, Rhea and Rhonda Kunkel. The text is reproduced in the artist's handwriting. 

A year and a half ago Christies sold one of these for $375 US, less than a third of the low estimate ($1500 - $2500). 

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