Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yves Klein | Leap into the Void

Yves Klein's October 1960 work Leap Into the Void first appeared in the artists' single day newspaper Dimanche, which was sold at newstands throughout Paris on Sunday the 27th of November, 1960. Klein held a press conference at the Galerie Rive Driote at 11 am on the same day, to announce the project. The four page broadside featured visual works and writings by Klein, including the manifesto Theatre of the Void.

The paper has been reprinted several times (I was given a copy several years ago from someone visiting a fair where they were being distributed for free, I recall) and are available as large PDF downloads here:

Below are images of the paper circulating throughout the city, and the final image is a Google Earth approximation of the original location of the leap.

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