Saturday, February 18, 2012

Peter Schmidt | The Thoughts Behind The Thoughts

This precursor to the Oblique Strategies (see previous post) was produced by Peter Schmidt in 1970, in an edition of 100. The wooden boxes (with perspex lids) each contained 55 original cards with letter-pressed texts on old prints.


  1. I'm interested in acquiring one of these. If you are willing to sell one, please do contact me through

    1. hi there,not sure you got my email i sent you yesterday,i have this very set of peter schmidt 1970 thoughts behind thoughts 1970,they be longed to Dr j.s Gordon (tim to his mates) sadly he has passed and the chap sorting out his will has asked me to sale them,if your still after a set my email address is im nicky,ok mail me ,kind regards nicky