Friday, January 18, 2019

Open Letter to the New Museum

"We stand in solidarity with the New Museum Union.

We are troubled by New Museum leadership’s decision to hire an anti-union firm to sow fear and hostility and to misinform both management and staff about the role of unions in the workplace. Intimidation and misinformation do not constitute open engagement with the Museum employees. Moreover, such behavior goes against everything that the Museum has historically stood for—that is, equity, diversity, and a commitment to institutional responsibility.

We implore New Museum leadership to do the right thing and allow their employees to form a union without interference. We also urge leadership to bargain with the New Museum Union in good faith for a fair contract. Your coworkers are not simply union supporters but devoted colleagues who deeply love and believe in the institution and are fully committed to its future.


Julie Ault, Artist

Andy Bichlbaum, the Yes Men

Claire Bishop, Professor, PhD Program in Art History, CUNY Graduate Center

Hannah Black, Artist

Nayland Blake, Artist, Chair ICP-Bard MFA

Jennifer Bolande, Professor, New Genres, UCLA Dept. of Art

Justin Vivian Bond, Transgenre Artist

Gregg Bordowitz, Artist

A.K. Burns, Artist

Paul Chan, Artist

Howie Chen, Curator

Liz Collins, Artist

Leah DeVun, Associate Professor, Rutgers University (Member, AAUP-AFT Local 06323)

Kimberly Drew, Writer and Independent Curator

Andrea Fraser, Professor and Chair, UCLA Department of Art

Malik Gaines, Artist

Liam Gillick, Artist

The Guerrilla Girls, Artists

Miguel Gutierrez, Artist

House of Ladosha

Sharon Hayes, Artist

Katherine Hubbard, Artist

Juliana Huxtable, Artist

David Joselit, Distinguished Professor, PhD Program in Art History, CUNY Graduate Center

Alhena Katsof, Curator

Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Artist and Writer

Nicole Killian, Artist and Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Devin Kenny, Artist

Kate Kraczon, Curator

Molly Larkey, Artist

Simon Leung, Artist and Professor of Art, UC Irvine

Monica Majoli, Artist and Professor, UC Irvine

Yong Soon Min, Professor Emerita, UC Irvine

Fred Moten, Professor, New York University

Carlos Motta, Artist

Gala Porras-Kim, Artist

R.H. Quaytman, Artist

Halsey Rodman, Artist; Co-Chair of Sculpture, Bard MFA; Critic, Yale School of Art, Painting and Printmaking

Martha Rosler, Artist

Alexandro Segade, Artist

Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Artist; Visiting Artist Faculty, California Institute for the Arts and

Bard Summer MFA

Gregory Sholette, PhD, Professor, Queens College Art Dept, CUNY

Patrick Staff, Artist

Eric A. Stanley, Assistant Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies, UC Berkeley

A.L. Steiner, Artist

Eric Golo Stone, Writer, Artist, and Curator

Lincoln Tobier, Artist, Otis College of Art and Design / SEIU Local 721

Mariana Valencia, Artist

Chris E. Vargas, Artist

Anton Vidokle, Artist and Founder of e-flux

Matt Wolf, Filmmaker

Yellow Jackets Collective"

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Joe Jones | History of the Music Bike and Other Stories

Joe Jones
History of the Music Bike and Other Stories
Verona, Italy: Francesco Conz, 1977
32 x 42.5 x 5 cm., loose leaves
Edition of 40

"In the Asolo period, which goes from about 1973 to 1979, Francesco Conz was the host of numerous neo avant.garde artists, accumulating many documents and giving life to a series of editions and publications henceforth become historical. Many of these were edited in collaboration with Pari & Dispary Editions or with editions of Beppe Morra, even if in these editions the collaboration is not cited in the colophon.

The first Fluxus guest were Joe Jones (who stayed there until 1979), Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman, followed by Al Hansen, Jon and Geoffrey Hendricks and Takako Saito."

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Rodney Graham

Rodney Graham turns 70 today.

Maurizio Nannucci | Parole / Mots / Words / Wörter

Maurizio Nannucci
Parole / Mots / Words / Wörter
Florence, Italy: Recorthings & Zona Archives, 1979
7" vinyl record, 33 ⅓ RPM, 13:30
Edition of 500

As the cover graphic illustrates, Nannucci took the streets like a reporter, with a microphone and recording crew and asked passers-by (outside the International Cultural Centre in Antwerp, on the streets of Florence, etc.) to tell him the first word that came to mind. The words are then isolated out of context, and often posed as a tentative or confused question. The list of words is printed on the inner sleeve.

Later made available in a boxed work with the same name, accompanied by a folded poster, photographs, a bibliography, and other printed materials.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Jackie McAllister | Canadian Club Whisky Painting

Jackie McAllister
Canadian Club Whisky Painting
Toronto, Canada: Shark Editions, 1996
12 x 9"
Edition of 3

Paintings made of pelican ink, food colouring, ginger ale and whiskey, included as part of the exhibition Tools 'n' Shit (Round One), featuring works by Andrew Buszchak, Brennan Kelly, Nestor Kruger, Euan Macdonald, Jackie McAllister, Ella Dawn McGeough, Andrew Reyes and Sally Spath, with a mailer by Brennan Kelly.

The exhibition continues into February, by appointment only, at goodwatercorktown.

For more information, visit the website, here.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hanne Darboven | Bismarckzeit

Hanne Darboven
Köln, Germany: Rheinland-Verlag, 1979
[344] pp., 20 x 26 cm., softcover
Edition size unknown