Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sophie Calle | Souris Calle

“When you say you’re sad about [a dead] cat, it’s a bit obscene for people," Sophie Calle recently told ArtNet. "You can’t say that. I mean, if I say my mother or my father is dead, everyone tells me ‘Oh, poor thing, she lost her mother, oh, poor thing, she lost her father,’ but if we say that about our cat, we seem ridiculous. It makes me laugh, when for me, in my daily life, it was almost more violent, because I lived with my cat. I didn’t live with my parents.”

Calle is talking about a forthcoming 3 LP set that pays tribute to her dead pet, with contributions by Pharrell Williams, the National, Bono, Michael Stipe, Laurie Anderson, Jarvis Cocker, Pascal Comelade and many others.

Titled Souris Calle, the 37 tracks of the tribute were first debuted during Calle’s solo show at Galerie Perrotin in Paris, which opened on Saturday. Visitors to the exhibition can both hear the music and watch videos Calle sent to the musicians for inspiration, along with accompanying texts and photographs.

The album is now available to order in a standard 3xLP edition for 100 Euro, and a deluxe, signed and numbered version for the considerably higher price of 1500 Euro, here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mel Ramos

Mel Ramos
New York City, USA: The Letter Edged in Black Press, 1968
27.6 x 17.6 cm.
Edition of 2000

One of Ramos' best known works is a series of paintings of nude women emerging from candy wrappers (Snickers, Oh Henry, Butterfinger, etc). This cardboard cut-out piece, from SMS #5, could therefore be seen as an instructional, three dimensional Pop Art sculpture.

The instructions are as follows:

1. Cut out candy wrapper and figures with single edge razor blade
2. Cut slots a,b,c,d,e. Fold on dotted lines and insert tabs.
3. Paste back of Fig. A to back of Fig. B. Place figure in wrapper and stand on end.

Ramos died of a heart attack Sunday, at the age of 83.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Watching Night of the Living Dead

A screening and Blu-Ray release party for my film Watching Night of the Living Dead takes place two weeks from tonight, at the Revue Cinema. Details to follow. 

Admission is free, but tickets can be reserved here:

Nonesuch Records single day sale

Today Nonesuch Records announced a single-day sale during which every item in their online store,  from records to CDs to digital downloads and merchandise, is half-price.

The list of available material includes artists that cross over into the pop world (or vice-versa) such as Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno and David Bryne, composers and avant-garde performers (Philip Glass, John Adams, Steve Reich, The Kronos Quartet, John Zorn), as well as acts such as The Magnetic Fields, Bjork, Caetano Veloso, etc. etc.

Enter the promotional code AUTUMN when checking out to receive the 50% discount.

Takehisa Kusogi, RIP

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Wolf Vostell

Wolf Vostell was born on this day, in 1932.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Sylvie Fleury | His Mistress’ Toy

Sylvie Fleury
His Mistress’ Toy
Zurich, Switzerland: Parkett, 2000
11.2 x 9.5 x 19.5 cm.
Edition of 99 [+15 AP]

A pair of women's polyurethane mules, with an integrated noise maker that produces a squeak sound. Produced for Parkett #58. The work is long sold out and has an estimated value of between $800 and $1200 US.

Hear the squeak sound here.