Sunday, February 19, 2012


Sediment, an exhibition of books, artists' books, book works and support structures at G Gallery, closes a week from today. Organized by artist Shane Krepakevich, the show pairs artists working with the book format with sculptors. Some consulted prior to the show, others were entirely autonomous.

The press release reads:

"The works in the exhibition, across a range of functions and origins, are both delivered and delivering, bearers of the force and malleability of format. Sediment rests in the extensions of objects, the continuity of their bodies. The mutual dependence of work and support as well as an unclear distinction between the two is emphasized through the material conveyance of form and text. Ultimately this is an articulation of connectivity, with exhibition as its means."

It all works so much better than it should, which is credit to Krepakevich's care and attention to detail. All of the pairings are interesting and some truly inspired. Plus I really want those cinder block seats they made, for my backyard.

The show includes works by Barbara Balfour, Bill Burns, Hyang Cho, Céline Condorelli, Joel Cottrill, David Court, James Gardner, Xan Hawes, Shane Krepakevich, Tiziana La Melia, Karl Larsson, Yam Lau, Micah Lexier, Laura Marotta, Michelle McGeean, Parker Branch, Roula Partheniou, Marek Rudzinski, Stephanie Shepherd and myself.

The work I contributed is called No Expectations, which documents attempts by film and television producers to conceal an actress' pregnancy with costumes and props. In terms of sculpture, I was thinking both about Eleanor Antin's Carving: A Traditional Sculpture (I steal her subtitle for the book) and the broader notion of putting-things-in-front-of-other-things.

The gallery website is here.

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