Monday, February 6, 2012

Adam Frelin | Trees Hit By Cars

I showed Adam Frelin's work in a group show that I curated at Art Metropole called Passing Water, in 2003. He produced an installation in the gallery space, a project in the restroom and a series of interventions in public lavatories that involved us hanging a makeshift 'out of order' sign on the front door and locking ourselves in for twenty minutes, while he used available materials (and rolls of duct tape that he brought with him) to create rivers running from taps to toilets. It was pretty fucking great, though I did think for a while that we were going to get killed at a Walmart's restroom in the Dufferin Mall.

His 2007 artist's book is called Trees Hit By Cars and features fifty photographs the artist took of trees that had been hit by "at least one car". Frelin drove down secondary roads in search of examples, discovering them via chance encounter, hearsay, police reports and insurance claims. The book was produced in an edition of 500 signed and numbered copies.

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