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A few editions from publisher Rene Block

Barbara Bloom

The Complete Works of Barbara Bloom
1990, 12 copies, signed and numbered
38 books embassed in gold on black cloth, on wooden board. 30 x 131,5 x 21 cm

Mladen Stilnovic

2005, 100 copies, signed and numbered. Edition A: 55 copies (numbered 1/55 - 55/55). Edition B: 35 copies (numbered I/XXXV - XXXV/XXXV). 10 artists proofs (numberd AP 1/10 - AP 10/10)
4 color offset lithograph, 70 x 100 cm

Robert Filliou

A World of False Fingerprints
1975, 98 copies
wooden box, 16 x 16 x 5 cm; certificate, 42,5 x 42,5 cm

Wooden boxes in which Robert Filliou drew portraits of significant personalities and added each time his own fingerprint. A certificate belongs to each box which documents at the same time the whole of the project. Pencil on wood, offset, inscribed.

Roman Opalka

1965/1-‡ 1965
400 copies
Stereo long-playing record, ø 30 cm

Parallel to the painted number progression an acoustic number progression exists, which Roman Opalka produced from 1965 on by speaking the numbers and recording them regularly.

Joseph Beuys/Nam June Paik

In Memoriam George Maciunas 1978-82
47 copies
13,6 x 62 x 41 cm

Wooden box with an LP of the George Maciunas memorial concert from July 7th, 1978 at Düsseldorfer Kunstakademie, the "Filzkeil" by Joseph Beuys and the "Urklavier" by Nam June Paik. As almost all Beuys-multiples published by Edition Block the Filzkeil is not signed. A part of the edition contains signature and numbering by Paik on a cardboard enclosed. 2 copies with signature by Beuys on LP cover. The copies that had not been sold after Beuys' death in 1986 additionally contain the stamp of the Beuys estate with signature by Wenzel Beuys.

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