Friday, April 27, 2012

Point D'Ironie #31: Yoko Ono

For her December 2003 issue, Yoko Ono returns to the themes of some of the overtly-political songs she released in the mid-seventies, such as I'm a Witch and Woman Power:

"I dedicate this work to the over five million pagan women doctors and intellectuals who, accused of being witches, were stoned, drowned, staked and burnt, to die in humiliation. Opposite of Love is not Hate, but Fear. Opposite of wisdom is not stupidity, but confusion. Recall Women Power, the power of wisdom and love, to save our planet and the Universe from the impending destruction." Yoko Ono, November 11, 2003.

Visually, the style is similar to her artist book, published the same year, Spare Room, which also revisited lyrics from the early seventies.

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