Monday, April 30, 2012

Mark Pawson | My Favourite Shirt

Mark Pawson, whose parcel today arrives with a sticker admonishing "Wear More Badges", has been making buttons for more than twenty years, out of every imaginable surface. He has produced badges from microfiche, letraset, cassette tape, human hair, seaweed and a myriad of other materials. My friend Scott Rogers sent me a set of Pawson's great John Cage buttons last year, which I think are part of the valentine's day post.

For the My Favourite Shirt project, the artist asked friends and peers to send him their favorite old shirt to be cut up and transformed into badges. Fifteen people participated and the resulting work became a series of four small (25mm) badges produced in an edition of 99 and a collection of four larger (38mm) badges in an edition of 30. The packages are signed and numbered and contain a small bookwork, telling the stories of the shirts. The set that I received includes Arnaud Desjardin, Les Coleman, Charlie Phillips and Stephen Bury, the author of many texts on artists' multiples, including the last major book on the subject, Artists' Multiples, 1935-2000. His is the floral pattern, above.

For more information about the project, visit the artists' site, here.

All week long: buttons! Future posts to include the usual suspects: David Shrigley, Jonathan Monk, Michael Snow, Iain Baxter&, Kelly Mark, Lawrence Weiner, Keith Haring, Yoko Ono, Cary Leibowitz, Jenny Holzer, etc. etc.

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