Monday, April 23, 2012

Graham Gussin | Ghost

Graham Gussin
London, UK: The Multiple Store, 1998
22 x 22 x 4.7cm
Pulped paper disc
Edition of 50, with signed certificate.

Fifty copies of The Cambridge Atlas of the Stars, pulped and shaped into discs, intended to be wall-mounted, at least 7 feet from the floor.

“The title “Ghost” came from thinking about [the] process. The material was compressed and abstracted leaving a ghost presence or a “souvenir” black hole, a blank of the atlas. The process of turning a map of the infinite reaches of space into a single block of material (an object) is what fascinated me. The light blue/ grey disc can be read as a plaque, something used to designate or label space or, more pictorially, a planet-like object. It hovers above our heads on the edge of visibility.”

Available from the publisher here (price on request) or here, for € 775.

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