Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New multiple by An Te Liu

The AGO Massive Party, the yearly fundraising event for the Art Gallery of Ontario, takes place this Thursday night. In the last few years they have been commissioning artists to create a multiple to sell at the event. I can't recall who made last year's but the year before was a boxed pair of shot glasses by Laurel Woodcock.

This year is a limited edition Viewmaster viewer and reel by An Te Liu. The work couples quotes about "the essence of Art" by philosopher Hebert Marcuse, accompanied by cuddly images of cute animals from the web.

"Art is a radical looking into reality and a looking away from it -
a repression of its immediacy and of the immediate response to it.
It is the oeuvre itself which IS, and which achieves this repression,
and as aesthetic repression it is "satisfying," enjoyable.
Art is in itself a happy end.
Despair becomes sublime,
pain beautiful."

Herbert Marcuse, from "Art as a Form of Reality", in On the Future of Art, 1970.

Art Is, 2012

The work is available in an edition of fifty signed copies, for $50.00, so they're going to go fast. For more information, visit the AGO's website here, or the artists' site, here.

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