Sunday, April 15, 2012

gelatin is getting it all wrong again

gelatin is getting it all wrong again
New York, USA: Walther König, 2003
2 booklets with each 20 pages, foldout cover, poster
Paperback, 9 x 12.5 in., 8 pp.
Text by Norman Dubrow
Layout by Johannes Heuer

A record of four lectures that the Gelatin group gave at Leo Koenig Gallery in New York, in September and October of 2001. A large foldout cover contains two booklets: one with photos of the lecture series audience touched up with plasticine and the other featuring a facsimile of Dubrow's handwritten lecture notes, along with drawings that illustrate the lecture series. The book's jacket can be unfolded and function as a poster.

"... The Lectures took place in a theater built by gelatin in the main space of the Leo Koenig Gallery, ... It was a half circle in shape, and it had a mezzanine, 1st balcony, and in some places a 2nd balcony. people also had orchestra seats...
The theater was very solidly built, and did not shake or creak...." - Norman Dubrow

"It took us almost two years to finally be happy satisfied with the look of this book. Its all about our show at Leo Koenig Inc. in 2000." - gelatin

D.A.P. lists the title as still in print (for $45.00) though it's out of stock at Art Metropole, Printed Matter and Amazon. ABE lists four copies available, between $40.00 and $114.00.

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