Thursday, April 5, 2012

Claes Oldenburg | Wedding Souvenir

Claes Oldenburg
Wedding Souvenir
California: Self-published (?), 1966
15.24 cm x 16.83 cm x 5.72 cm
Plaster of Paris
Edition of (approx?) 250, with 72 of the edition spray-painted with enamel on the top.

A slice of cake created for the wedding of curator James Elliott and Judith Algar, in Topanga Canyon, California, April 23rd, 1966.

In 2001 a copy sold at auction for $3525.00, just above the high-end estimate of $2500-$3500. The below photograph of Robert Rauschenberg with his tongue stamped "Wedding Souvenir, Claes Oldenburg” was taken by actor Dennis Hopper.

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