Saturday, April 28, 2012

Harmony Korine interviews agnes b

Harmony Korine: Do you believe in aliens ?
agnès b.: Oh, yes!

H.K.: Have you ever seen an alien?
a.b.: Some people are aliens for me and the great thing is that artists, like you Harm, are able to create aliens and I like it.

H.K.: Would you ever date a man if he was missing both of his ears?
a.b.: Yes I would... I would put flowers in his holes and whisper into them. I would suck his brain.

H.K.: Do you believe that animals have feelings?
a.b.: Of course. They have feelings, memory, language, happiness, sadness, sorrows...

H.K.: Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?
a.b.: Yes… Have you ever risen from your lying body to fly away, going through the walls?

H.K.: Do you think animals can communicate in secret languages?
a.b.: They do! They have their own intelligent communication ways… Animals are so diverse, much more than we are. We are basic.

H.K.: Would you ever go onto a crowded dance floor and dance with a man who only had one leg? Is there a circumstance where you could imagine doing this?
a.b.: Of course I would… no problem. I would be his artificial limb so he would have three legs and we could dance perfectly. We would be a tripod couple. Anyway, I love Tod Browning’s “Freaks.”

H.K.: Do you ever pray?
a.b.: I pray a lot, anywhere - in a traffic jam, swimming, driving, or lying in the grass.

H.K.: Have you ever been completely bald?
a.b.: Not yet…..!?

H.K.: Could you fall in love with a blind man?
a.b.: Yes… It must be so comfortable when the words become so important. Every word and thought would be even more important. I’m sure you could understand each other even better than with anyone.

H.K.: Would you rather be reincarnated as a fish or a turtle, and why?
a.b.: I don’t want to choose my reincarnation. I prefer having a surprise.

H.K.: Could you eat 10 lemons in a row without puking?
a.b.: For sure I could, but not 10 hard boiled eggs. I would collapse!

H.K.: I love you.
a.b.: Love you 2.

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