Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Holiday Recommendations Guest Posts

For the past couple of years I have solicited guest posts at this time of year from artists, curators, collectors, critics, publishers and others involved with artists' publications. I request that the endorsement be for something recently published, or still available at its original (and preferably affordable) price.

These posts are labelled with the tag HRGP, below.

Beginning this week another fifteen or so will be featured. In the meantime, visit the links of some past entries for shopping list ideas:

Tim Ryckaert (MOREpublishers) on Allen Ruppersberg

derek beaulieu on Natalie Czech

Sarah Bodman on Elisabeth Tonnard

Stephen Bury (author of Artists' Multiples 1935–2000) on Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin

Bill Clarke on Allan McCollum

Leah Singer on Bruno Munari

Kenneth Goldsmith on Jean Keller

Harry Ruhé on Tinkerbell:

Lee Henderson on Masahisa Fukase

Sarah Robayo Sheridan on the Steven Leiber tribute box

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