Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Recommendations Guest Post #7: Steve Clay

William Cobbing and Rosie Cooper [eds]
Boooook: The Life and Work of Bob Cobbing
London, UK: Occasional Papers, 2015
208 pp., 17 x 24 cm., softcover
Edition size unknown
Available from the publisher, here, for £20.

"Bob Cobbing (1922-2002) was an important and influential British poet internationally known for his work in concrete, visual and sound poetry. Boooook: The Life and Work of Bob Cobbing, edited by William Cobbing and Rosie Cooper, is a very useful archival project, which presents and discusses the full range of Cobbing’s participation in such enterprises as Better Books, the London Film-maker’s Coop, and Writers Forum with contributions from Adrian Clark, Gustav Metzger, and David Toop among many others. Boooook is thoroughly illustrated with photographs and examples of Cobbing’s work and beautifully produced by Occasional Papers in London. Readers interested in Bob Cobbing will take note of another publication from Occasional Papers, Notes from the Cosmic Typewriter: The Life and Work of Dom Sylvester Houdéard."

Steve Clay is a curator, editor, archivist, and publisher of Granary Books. He is co-author of A Secret Location on the Lower East Side: Adventures in Writing 1960–1980 and co-editor of A Book of the Book: Some Works and Projections About the Book & Writing. He lives in New York City. “The Book Undone: Thirty Years of Granary Books” is on view at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University through January 29, 2016. For details go to: http://www.granarybooks.com

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