Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Recommendation Guest Post #2: Alec Finlay

"There is delight to be had in David Bellingham's entire oeuvre, WAX366 Press; less in any single stand alone item, more in the constant stream of playful, colourful, modest responses to the world. Bellingham's work can be found at Ingleby Gallery. And here is a link:

Aye, Alec"

"I think I started publishing in 1992 or thereabouts. It was then that I started to produce larger editions, although I had made publications in smaller editions prior to that. WAX366 came about because it seemed important to decentre myself from conventional publishing, to operate outside and to release things under my own terms. The ambition was to make proper books and printed works of various kinds but, while there have always been some larger scale things, I have concentrated on smaller scale items such as booklets and cards. I called the press WAX366 because there is a tradition in small press publishing of naming presses romantically, after boats or towns or girls or whatever, at the time I had a Morris Minor car that was the love of my life and its number plate was WAX366, so it is shamelessly romantic."
 - David Bellingham

Alec Finlay (1966–) is an artist, poet and publisher, well known for his use of innovative poetic forms. Alec has published over thirty books; recent publications include I Hear Her Cry (2015), Taigh: a wilding garden (2014), a long poem on bees, myth and technology, Global Oracle (2014), and Ebban an Flowan, a poetic guide to marine renewables. Visit his blog here:

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