Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Recommendations Guest Post #9: Scanner

Ben Rivers
The Sky Trembles And The Earth Is Afraid And The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers
Artangel/Whitworth Art Gallery
128 pp., 18 x 13 cm., softcover
Edition size unknown

Available from Cornerhouse Books, here, for £15.00.

"British filmmaker Ben Rivers creates dark, frequently unsettling films, drawn from real life and his inventive mind, often like casting spells onto the screen. Mysterious, caught in the debris between the lived and the imagined, his work remains in your mind long after you’ve experienced his films. British arts curators Artangel recently presented his new work in the former BBC Television Centre in London, accompanied by this beautiful publication, The Sky Trembles and The Earth Is Afraid and The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers."

"Since 2000, Cabinet Magazine has been a continued source of compelling information, teaching you about things you never thought it necessary to even know about, with theme based issues on Catastrophe, Inverted Languages, Weather, Animals, Evil, Flight, Doubles, Chance, Ruins and so on.
Treat yourself to a subscription and enjoy days of sudden illumination and clarity. I’ve kept and treasured every copy since the first edition since it’s most definitely a journal worth returning to."

Scanner (British artist Robin Rimbaud) traverses the experimental terrain between sound and space connecting a bewilderingly diverse array of genres. Since 1991 he has been intensely active in sonic art, producing concerts, installations and recordings. He scored the hit musical comedy Kirikou & Karaba (2007), Philips Wake-Up Light (2009), The Big Dance in Trafalgar Square for 1000 dancers and the re-opening of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in 2012. Committed to working with cutting edge practitioners, he has collaborated with Bryan Ferry, Wayne MacGregor, Mike Kelley, Michael Nyman, Steve McQueen, Laurie Anderson and Hussein Chalayan.

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