Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Recommendation Guest Post #13: Sarah Robayo Sheridan

I thought of the edition that I would really want for Xmas, but that is outside of my budget:

[Various artists]
Artists & Editions
San Francisco, USA: Rite Editions, 2013
14 × 14 × 4.5"
Screen printed cardboard box containing five prints, four artist generated archival publications, two three-dimensional paper pieces, two posters, a painting, a drawing, a coupon for redeeming a record, an artist’s book, a metal stencil, a weaving, a sewn canvas work and an edition catalog.
Edition of 35

Available here, for $12,500.00

It's a great tribute to Steven, following on his various dealer catalogues that always mimicked well known (and lesser known) editions.

- Sarah Robayo Sheridan

Sarah Robayo Sheridan is a curator, writer and occasional teacher. She has previously been Director of Exhibitions and Publications at Mercer Union. In 2008, she worked closely with Steven Leiber and Rite Editions to produce the edition "The White Album" by Mungo Thomson. In 2014, she will become Curator of Exhibitions at The Power Plant.

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