Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dave Dyment | No You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore

Dave Dyment
No You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore
Toronto, Canada: Self-published, 2015.
Audio CD, 3:19
Edition of 25 signed and numbered copies

Undecimals is mail art group that invites twelve artists a year to each produce a work in an edition of eleven copies or more. Each artist is assigned a month and the participants receive artworks in the mail for the full calendar year. This year I took part, alongside Gina Badger, Maura Doyle, Annie Dunning, Lucien Durey, Maggie Groat + Jimmy Limit, Jesse Harris, Tomoyo Ihaya, Hannah Jickling + Helen Reed, Kegan McFadden, Andrea Pinheiro and Emiliano Sepulveda.

The project I prepared didn't pan out, so I was late with my work, but (with the pile below as evidence) the replacement project was mailed out this morning, with a little over a week left in 2015.

It's a hand-made CD 'digipack' containing a three and a half minute turntable duet and a nine minute narrated powerpoint presentation. The latter tells the story of the origin of Neil Diamond/Barbra Streisand ballad, which began life as the theme song for a failed Norman Lear sitcom, and then a mash-up made by a radio program director for his wife, whom he was divorcing.

For the duet, two copies of the 7" single are played simultaneously, manually on two turntables, attempting to stay synchronized.

Listen to the audio track here: https://vimeo.com/147770246

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