Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Recommendation Guest Post #6: Tim Ryckaert

Rob Pruitt, Tommaso Speretta (ed)
Rob Pruitt’s eBay Flea Market: Year 1
Venice, Italy: Bruno, 2015
[unpaginated], softcover
Edition size unknown

"Flea market is a  a project by Rob Pruitt where everyday he posts an item on Ebay: worn clothes, silly items., etc. He sells the most diverse objects- for ridiculous prices mostly. Each item then comes with a signed print- showing the object on a cloud and sky background. (If you type Rob Pruitt in ebay you will find them).

Rob Pruitt's bookclub is similar: every day he sells a selection of his books. Mostly sets of two books - the selection of books are based upon funny combinations of titles, or for example a book about Norway + a tourist guide, etc., etc. Each book then is stamped with a bookmark indicating that it comes from his 'Bookclub collection'. These are similarly ridiculously low priced - sometimes you're the only one bidding and then you buy the items for 1 $ (+ shipping costs). I've done it a few times and it's always a good service. The items arrive quickly.

I like this project a lot! He also made a book which includes all the of the sold items and indicates the price that they sold for. It's like a biography of the artist through things he didn't need anymore.

It's published by b-r-u-n-o in Italy, though it's not on their website yet. But you can find it elsewhere,
for example:"

MOREpublishers is a publishing house based in Brussels, founded by Tim Ryckaert & Amélie Laplanche. Over the last 6 years they published +/- 125 editions and multiples, and curated various shows in Belgium and abroad. They collaborated with 80 artists including Liam Gillick, Jonathan Monk, Allen Ruppersberg, Joe Scanlan, Jason Dodge, Thomas Bayrle, Thea Djordjadze, Dora Garcia, Maurizio Nannucci, Anri Sala, Robert Barry, Claude Closky and many more. For more information visit

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