Monday, September 29, 2014

More from Harry Ruhe's home: a glass cabinet in his living room containing works by Japanese Fluxus artists Yoko Ono and Mieko Shiomi. Included are Ono's:

- Onobox, the 1992 Rykodisc box set of all of Ono’s recorded output at the time.
- Arising, a boxed stone, available here for 25 Euro)
- We’re All Water, from Gallery 360
- the 2007 Imagine Peace box, available from Printed Matter, here.
- Box Of Smile
- Onochord

and Shiomi's

- Water Music, the original Fluxus edition
- a reissue of the Events and Games box (available here)
- Endless Box

Elsewhere in the house is Shiomi’s annotated map piece Spatial Poem #1. 

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