Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Jonathan Monk | Untitled (Touch Wood)

Jonathan Monk
Untitled (Touch Wood) 
Paris, France: One Star Press, 2016
15.8 x 7.8 x .07 cm.
Edition of 3 monogrammed and numbered copies [+2 AP]

Available in Birch, Oak and Olive wood, accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate.

"Jonathan Monk’s Untitled (Touch Wood) is modelled after the iPhone 6s, and is available in four different types of wood: Birch, Oak, Olive Wood and Macassar Ebony. As the old superstition goes, sometimes we need to touch these wooden objects for good luck even if it goes against any human reason or rationale: the perfect antithesis to the iPhone 6s."
 -press release. 

Available from the publisher, here, for 500 €.

Monk celebrates his 51st birthday today.

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