Thursday, March 15, 2012

Steven Leiber | Extra Art

The late Steven Leiber's must-have book on artists' ephemera, Extra Art: A Survey of Artists' Ephemera, 1960-1999, has recently been discounted by Smart Art Press to $49.95, from $74.95.

The 2001 catalogue from the traveling show of the same name (with a cover by Dave Muller) features invitations, postcards, posters, buttons, stickers, flyers, brochures and other printed materials designed by artists. Get it here.

The site also has Pinspot brochures by David Byrne, Jamie Cameron and several others discounted from $9.95 to $6.95. Marcel Dzama's (the first in the series) has been raised to $90.00, which is a penny more than all of the other 17 issues combined.

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