Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magazine covers by artists #3: David Shrigley

Stylist magazine is a free women's weekly, published in the UK since October of 2009. The covers typically feature photographs of popular female actresses (Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston), singers (Jennifer Lopez), comediennes (Tina Fey) or politicians (Hillary Clinton). The current issue - free last Wednesday in London, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham - features a design by David Shrigley that also includes a reworking of the logo.

"I’ve designed lots of books over the years and I’ve learnt people do actually judge a book by its cover, so it’s not really being completely ironic. And I like drawing nice logos badly so it was fun to bastardise the Stylistlogo! The first time that your work appears on the cover of a magazine it’s pretty exciting and then when you get asked to do the cover, that’s even better." - DS.

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