Monday, March 19, 2012

Derek Sullivan | Albatross Omnibus

The Power Plant’s 2011 commission by Derek Sullivan, Albatross Omnibus, features an artist's book for every week of the year. The books hung from the ceiling of the gallery, with movable ladders to allow viewers to peruse them. The exhibition ran for 52 days, and each day saw a different title offered for sale (in an edition of 14). Individual titles include More Young Americans, Feeling Words, Parrots and Photocopiers, A Portal, Tomato Vine Scent, Seasonal Allergies and more. Many riff on classic artists' books, such as works by Lawrence Weiner, Sol Lewitt and Ed Ruscha.

A box set of all the titles housed in a four-part, hinged, cloth-bound case is available (in an edition of 10) from Art Metropole for $1500.

Stopping Off Place has spreads of two of the titles, here.

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