Saturday, March 10, 2012

Artists' Postcards: 
A Compendium | Jeremy Cooper

Artists' Postcards: 
A Compendium by Jeremy Cooper is out this month from Reaktion books.

The title features over 400 illustrations of postcards by artists, including Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Gordon Matta Clark, Jan Dibbets, Daniel Eatock, Gilbert and George, Image Bank, Sara MacKillop, Jonathan Monk, Maurizio Nannucci, On Kawara, David Shrigley, Sarah J. Trigg, Rachel Whiteread (pictured below), as well as Bruce Nauman, Richard Long, David Hockney, Richard Hamilton, Susan Hiller, Ben Vautier, Dieter Roth, Ray Johnson, Gavin Turk, Tacita Dean, and many others.

'A curious mix of transience, sentimentality, obsolescence and nostalgia surrounds the humble postcard, which makes them a fertile format for an artist to express themselves. The past 20 years or so has seen a range of artists utilizing the postcard, including Rachel Whiteread, Ellsworth Kelly, Gilbert and George and many others. Jeremy Cooper traces this history from the 1900s through to Surrealism and conceptual art and up to the present. This is not a tenuous theme, but a fascinating one, that takes in many important artists on the way.' – The Bookseller

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