Sunday, April 9, 2023

Imin Yeh | dreamcabin

Imin Yeh
Brooklyn, USA: Small Editions, E.L. Hymns (Paul Mullins), 2022
150 pp., 20.32 x 20.32 cm., softcover
Edition of 525

Following a brief bout with postpartum insomnia, the artist's partner proposed imagining a place and building it in her mind as she drifts off to sleep nightly. Yeh envisioned an A-frame lakeside cabin for her new family. Once her child was sleep-trained she began building the home at a 1:12 scale, out of Covid19 quarantine refuse, such as take out food containers and shipping boxes. 

The artist imagines the home while falling asleep and builds it (see below) during her daughter's nap time. 

As of November 2020, Dreamcabin has been festooned with miniature artworks contributed by dozens of artists, including Lenka Clayton (herself an expert on maintaining a prolific practice during early motherhood), Roula Partheniou, Zachary Rapaport, Cindy Hsu and many others. The bookwork documents both the dreamcabin and the numerous interventions by other artists. 

The title is available from Printed Matter, here, for $40.00 US ($36.00 for members). Visit the artist's website here: and follow her on Instagram here:

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