Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Cary Leibowitz | I need to grow up and be taken seriously said the clown at the urinal

Cary Leibowitz' exhibition I need to grow up and be taken seriously said the clown at the urinal continues at Invisible Exports in NYC until May 13th. Visit the website, here, for details.

"There's nothing empty or easy about Cary— which is evidenced more than ever in his new exhibition at Invisible Exports. A multi-faceted array of farcical personal failure, his pieces, George Washington Redecorates Mount Vernon, Elizabeth Taylor is Thinking About Fried Chicken, Ugh He’s Crying Again, and Respect for the United States Constitution is a Turn On are pure joy. Joy might be the wrong word. But regardless there's an innately upsetting/uplifting spirit to this show — so, get off of Instagram, the memes will wait, and head on over."

"In this picnic-themed installation of wooden tables and red gingham flooring, the native New Yorker continues his decades-long quest to entertain with self-deprecation. His text-driven art, which here includes signs and pie charts, white crockery scrawled with black letters, and found photographs doctored with a label-maker, also continues to bring on the camp. Other works include Hollywood publicity stills that read Elizabeth Taylor Is Thinking About Fried Chicken and Joan Collins Has a Headache, and a brightly colored, diamond-shaped plywood panel captioned Ugh, He’s Crying Again. Leibowitz’s jokes land best when his pop-cultural insight merges with his satire of self-grandiosity, as in a picture of Milton Berle smoking a cigar, captioned Cancel All My Appointments with the Whitney."

89 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002
212 226 5447

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