Monday, July 21, 2014

On Kawara | One Million Years

On Kawara
One Million Years
Brussels, Belgium: Editions Micheline Szwajcer and Michèle Didier, 1999
2012 pp., 15.1 x 10.9 x 4.4 cm., leather bound (each volume)
Edition of 500 numbered copies, 60 signed and numbered copies (+10 AP)

A slipcase houses two volumes, Past and Future. The first, "Past – For All those who have lived and died", starts in 998031 BC and ends a million years later in 1969 AD. The second volume. The second volume, "Future – For the last one", begins in 1993 AD and ends in 1001992. fThe text of each page is laid out in 10 columns and subdivided in 5 blocks of 100 years.

Readings from the books were also published as a box set of 24 CDs in 2002. See earlier post, here.

On Kawara died in New York at the age of 81 in late June, though the news was not released until July 10th. A New York Times Obituary can be read here, and one from the LA Times, here.

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