Thursday, May 15, 2014

The lunatics are on the loose …

The lunatics are on the loose … 
Postdam, Germany: Down With Art!, 2013
592 pp., 24 x 17 cm., softcover
Edition size unknown

This elaborate publication accompanies the exhibitions "European Fluxus Festivals, 1962-1977" in seven different venues curated by Petra Stegmann, with Peter van der Meijden, Henar Rivière Rìos, Heike Roms and Caroline Ugelstad (see exhibition poster, below).

Stegmann edits the volume which features texts by the above curators as well as Jennifer Burkard, Myriam Kroll, Susanne Rennert and Vanja Sisek.

"Artistic contributions" are made by Eric Andersen, Philip Corner, Alison Knowles,  Larry Miller, Ann Noël, Ben Patterson, Tamas St.Turba, and Jarosław Kozłowski (the red Errata, above). The cover of the title features an image of Emmett Williams and Willem de Ridder performing Robert Filliou’s “13 Ways of Using Emmett Williams’s Skull”.

The book can be ordered through for €42.00.

A youtube video, here, illustrates some of the finicky production, such as tipped-in and tied-in (often oversized) content, and pages that require folding to read (which feels somewhat more Mad Magazine than it does Fluxus).

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