Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dave Allen | The Mirrored Catalogue D'Oiseaux

Dave Allen
The Mirrored Catalogue D'Oiseaux
Berlin, Germany: Boileau & Narcejac, 2003
7” vinyl 45rpm record
Edition of 150, some copies are signed.

According to Discogs, who offer a copy of the record for CA$63.95, here, this is the third and final release by the 7" label, with the first two being Jonathan Monk's My Mother Cleaning My Father's Piano and Douglas Gordon's Bootlegged. All three artists are close friends and have previously collaborated on the 12" record For Those About To Rock (2000), along with Ross Sinclair, who provides text for The Mirrored Catalogue D'Oiseaux.

The recording documents an installation in 2002 in which the artist subjected mocking birds to the sound of French Composer Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue D'Oiseaux, an experimental composition for piano, based on bird songs. Towards the end of the exhibition the mocking birds begin mimicking the sound of the piano melodies. Nature reflecting art reflecting nature. 

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