Saturday, August 3, 2013

Piero Manzoni | Life and Works

Piero Manzoni
Life and Works
Berlin, Germany: Verlag Petersen Press, 1963
[60] pp., 18 x 15 cm., plastic clip binding
Edition of 100, signed and numbered (by Jes Petersen)

Other than the title page, an all-blank book. Conceived by Manzoni just before his death in February 1963, the book was published posthumously later that year. A second edition followed six years later. The work is often attributed to Petersen, as his name appears at the top (making the title appear as Piero Manzoni: Life and Works, which would suggest a work of criticism of biography), and his signature adorns the back, along the plastic clip. The Manzoni Archives list him as co-editor, which is pretty funny, given the lack of content. Reportedly, the idea to use translucent paper was his.

The book can be viewed electronically, here.

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