Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michael Dumontier | Candle

Michael Dumontier
Toronto, Canada: Paul + Wendy Projects, 2013
Powder-coated steel
8 x 12 inches, 8.5 inches tall
Edition of 12 (+ 3 AP) signed and numbered copies
$400.00 CDN

The 20th edition by Paul + Wendy Projects (and the fourth by Dumontier, including his collaborations with Micah Lexier and Neil Farber) was announced yesterday. The candle casting a shadow in relief is made of powder-coated steel, with a hand-painted wick.

Based on how quickly the new Typing prints sell, and the 12 hours it took for Dumontier's Nothing Else Press Sock to sell out, I suspect these won't be around for long. Order it here.

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