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Fluxus Anthology 30th Anniversary 1962-1992 Sound Events

Fluxus Anthology 30th Anniversary 1962-1992 Sound Events
Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands: SLOWSCAN, 1993
8 cassettes housed in a silkscreened wooden box
Numbered edition of 200 (plus 60 artist copies) with a deluxe signed edition (in a hexagonal box) of 38.

Also includes a 204 page A4 book of material related to the artists on the cassettes, including many pictures, and an extensive discography of Fluxus recordings, plus scores by Joe Jones, Dick Higgins, Robert Filliou, Henning Christiansen, Wolf Vostell, Ken Friedman, and Eric Andersen.


Side A recorded at KRAB Radio, Seattle, Washington, September 1977.
Side B recorded at the Roma Zoo, October 1985 in collaboration with Lorenzo Mammi, Roma.
Side C recorded in mono at New Wilderness Studio, New York by Ondine Fiore, December 1977.
Side D recorded at Radio Vienna, Austria, 1990.
Side E recorded in the artist's former apartment in New York City.
Side F recorded in Linz (Austria) for "Ars Electronica Festival" 1988.
Sides G & H recorded at Gallerie Lavignes, Bastille, Paris, France, 1990.
Track I1 recorded at Bonn Kunstverein Fluxus performance festival 1989.
Track I3 recorded at Galerie Kolon in 1989.
Side K recorded at Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo on November 9, 1991.
Track L3 recorded on 27-12-1991 Stuttgart.
Track M1 recorded in New York 1991.
Track M3 is an excerpt from a 5 hour performance recorded in the streets of Quebec City during the "Day of the music" by United Nations on October 1, 1988.
Track M5 recorded at Judson Church, New York 1977.
Track M6 recorded during a phone conversation between Ben & Jan van Toorn, December 15, 1994.
Track N6 recorded October 11th 1992 in 's-Hertogenbosch.
Track N7 recorded live on September 9, 1994 during the opening of Ay-O's 'Hanging Pieces' exhibition at Kasseler Kunstverein, Museum Fridericianum Kassel.

All tracks previously unreleased, except M1 and N2.

A George Maciunas Seattle Interview 1977 (43:00)
Interviewer - William Woods
B Henning Christiansen "Symphony Natura" Op.170 (43:00)
Featuring - Lorenzo Mammi
C Robert Filliou Whispered History Of Art (20:00)
Recorded By - Ondine Fiore
D Milan Knižák* Bossanova Suite (19:30)
Performer [2 Record Players Playing Destroyed Music, 2 Taperecorders With Tapes Of Older Pieces], Synthesizer [2], Piano, Voice - Milan Knižák
E Takehisa Kosugi August 14, 1991 (32:00)
Tape [Pre-recorded Environmental Sounds (birds) In The City Of Ferrara, Italy], Noises [Live Broadcasting Sound On W-cbs Radio, New York], Performer [A Plastic Bottle In Which A Small Microphone Is Installed For Pick Up Voice & Other Sounds], Electronics [Audio Generator], Effects [Time-delay Machine, Pitch Shifter] - Takehisa Kosugi
F Joe Jones Solar Music Hot House (31:00)
G Wolf Vostell Le Cri Part 1 (30:00)
H Wolf Vostell Le Cri Part 2 (30:00)
I1 Al Hansen Car Bibbe (5:40)
I2 Al Hansen Balloni Brothers Balloon Work (9:30)
I3 Al Hansen Joseph Beauys Stuka Bomber Piece (10:10)
J1 Al Hansen The Futuristic Chattanooga Choo Choo In The Mongolian Desert (12:30)
Music By [Music Mix] - Jürgen Turje
Performer - Al Hansen , Janet Kramer
J2 Al Hansen I Opened The Top Button Of Her Jeans And Zipped Her Zipper Down (1:49)
J3 Al Hansen Intermedia L.A. Roadside Streetwise Poetry (3:52)
J4 Al Hansen Venus Rap (9:50)
K Paul Sharits The Existential Anguish Symphony (45:00)
Conductor - Chen Han
Performer - Paul Sharits
L1 Larry Miller Accord (Selections From The 2nd And 4th Movement) (22:30)
Other [Translator] - Josine van Droffelaar
Performer [Instrumentalist] - Alfred van den Heuvel , Louwrien Wijers , Lárus Grimsson , Michel Waisvisz
L2 Marcel Alocco Pour Fluxus (1960-1967-1968) (12:37)
L3 Albrecht/d. Two Lines -Excerpt- (9:00)
M1 Alison Knowles A Nivea Cream Piece For Oscar (Emmett) Williams (2:50)
Performer - Alison Knowles , Ingrid Dinter
M2 Robert Watts String Record Composition (5:45)
M3 Eric Andersen Untactics Of Music (4:30)
Brass - Hamonie Des Cascades
Conductor - Laurent Breton
Producer - Lucie Brosseau
M4 Carolee Schneemann Mother Lexicon (6:35)
Performer - Carolee Schneemann , Larry Miller , Laurence Warshaw , Mark Daniëls
M5 Jean Dupuy Elle Aimait Bien Les Frites, Marguerite (7:45)
Performer - Jana Haimsohn , Olga Adofno
M6 Ben Vautier Telephone Concerto (2:00)
N1 Ken Friedman Melon Medley (3:00)
N2 Richard Maxfield Pastoral Symphony (3:40)
N3 Dick Higgins In Memoriam (8:00)
N4 Dick Higgins Omnia Gallia (4:50)
N5 Mieko Shiomi A Celestial Tune By 108 Glass Marbles (5:45)
N6 Gustav Metzger On The "Festival Of Misfits" (5:45)
N7 Emmett Williams Meditation No. 1 (8:00)
Recorded By - Jürgen O. Olbrich
O Bob Lens Vacuum Cleaners (45:00)
P Bob Lens Alarm Clocks (45:00)

The tracks can be heard at Ubuweb, here.

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